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Wounded Heroes Anthology

Pamela Ackerson. Debra Parmley, Teri Riggs, Maggie Adams, Nia Farrell




5 Stars



            Five heartwarming stories of hope, love and passion fill the Wounded Heroes Anthology pages. Fearless characters with wounded bodies and spirits fight for love amidst unthinkable circumstances. “His hands pulled her to him and her hands roamed over him as they kissed.”

My first-time reading Pamela Ackerson, Debra Parmley, Teri Riggs, Maggie Adams, and Nia Farrell kept me on the edge of my seat. Passion and pulsating desire driving twisting plots turning up the heat to ten. I was particularly intrigued by the writing, adventure, and the passion between unlikely characters.

Katrina Byrd


Heat Level 1 is sweet

5 is spicy erotic

A Rosa for Russell,  Pamela Ackerson

Two Step, New Steps,  Debra Parmley

Bringing Her Home,  Teri Riggs

As Time Goes By,  Maggie Adams

Fallen, Nia Farrell


I am a Runner.jpg (150×225)


I am a Runner: The Memoirs of a Sepsis Survivor

Maria Papalia-Meier and Pamela Ackerson



5  stars





An incredible, inspirational story!

This is a recollection of the life changing events of Maria Papalia-Meier.

The memoir gives the reader a quick rundown of her life before her affliction.

Maria thought it was the flu as she kept on through the daily duties; she was going to work through it. Normally, a bit of a complainer when she wasn’t feeling well, the malady didn’t abate and she ended up in the local hospital. The problem escalated quickly, and the diagnosis—sepsis.

Attached to IV’s, prospects didn’t look good. They transferred Maria to Brigham Hospital where she received advanced care. Between organs shutting down and the brutal hospital equipment needed to keep her alive, it was a battle. Several weeks of touch and go in the ICU trying to maintain a balance of medicines that would keep her blood pressure up and yet not damage other critical organs was of tremendous concern.

She was told that she would never be able to run again. Maria’s refused to accept the negative diagnosis. She persevered through many months of rehabilitation. She would run again.

The story moves along well, Maria thoughtfully includes an index in the beginning to explain the abbreviations used in medical speak, in turn contributing to a smoother read.

Letters are included in the end of the book to emphasize the support she received from family and friends.

Maria’s ultimate finish line—she would surely one day be able to race again.

Lauren Calder

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LivinginShadows.jpg (150×225)


Garrett’s Ghost

Pamela Ackerson



Trade Paperback

5 Stars




I found this book to be very interesting. 

It incorporates many fun topics like ghosts, murder, love story, time travel, and of course, Texas Rangers.  The deeper story is that of love in healing.  I could not put the story down and had to complete it to see how it wrapped up.  The writing was such that I found myself fully engaged in the story and hoping that things were going to work out for the "good guys".  With the backdrop of murder, I found myself incredibly anxious through the entire work. 

This is a really good read.  There were some unfulfilled characters and sub-plots that I look forward to hearing about in coming works.

Guest Reviewer~ Lee Arrowood

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The Wilderness Time Travel Series

Across the Wilderness

Into the Wilderness

Wilderness Bound

Warriors of the Wilderness

Out of the Wilderness

The Wilderness Series Ebook box set


Contemporary Fiction

Living the Wright Life

Time Travel

The Gingerbread House

Garrett’s Ghost

Historical Fiction

Dear Margaret


I Was Just a Radioman

(A compilation/memoir of a Pearl Harbor survivor, Black Cat, and decorated veteran.)

Be More Successful with Marketing and AdvertiZING

I am a Runner ─ The Memoirs of a Sepsis Survivor

A Granny Pants Story   (Children’s Stories)

The Long and Little Doggie

Riley Gets into Predicaments

Available in Spanish:

El Perrito Largo y el Perrito Pequeno (La Serie del Perrito Largo y Pequeno)

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