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Stitch (Crime Family Values Book 1) by Nia Farrell ****


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Bang by Charity Parkerson*****
Unloved by Charity Parkerson


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Erotica fiction is written in every genre available to authors and readers. Many with different forms of genre ranging from spicy to super spicy, indepth sexual encounters with M/F, M/M, F/F, multiple partners, LGTB, or BDSM, to name a few, it is one of the most diverse genres accepting many different personal preferences. It can be anything the reader and author desires. Of course, combining the genres just makes it that much more intriguing to readers.

Erotica Subgenres:

Mysteries/Suspense: A fiction with a twist of mystery and suspense with the diverse relationships intertwined into the storyline. 

Paranormal: Just like a typical paranormal novel. Anything written about vampires, ghosts, demons, magic, etc involving erotic romance. It can cross genres and authors have been known to create sagas and romances in their paranormal series.

Romance: Most publishers are very specific in the type of erotica romance they want to publish. The publishers state on the web pages the different levels of erotica available.

Sagas: Like any other saga, the erotica series  are becoming very popular with the readers.  Erotica sagas are written in a series involving a family and/or a group of friends over a period of time, sometimes covering more than one generation.

Science Fiction/Fantasy: Science fiction/fantasy genre has such an open area for plots and setting.

Country/Western:  Country/Western novels focus on the American West or Country involving erotic romances and a twist of historical or contemporary romance.


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