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Louise Snead



Lanelle Brent

Copy Editor

Lanelle was a military brat who lives in Northern California, but was born in Tuskegee, Alabama. Her father was the first Tuskegee Airmen of the famed Black fighter pilots of WWII. She spent many years working as a paralegal for a private law firm, then the CA State Assembly before retiring and becoming a full-time copy editor from home. This enables her to travel with her mother to help educate youth and community groups about the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen. Even though she was born in Alabama and educated in various states and overseas, Lanelle proudly considers West Virginia her home.


Pamela Ackerson

Advertising and Marketing

Born and raised in Newport, RI where history is a way of life, Pam lives on the Space Coast of Florida where you are encouraged to reach for the stars, a hop, skip, and jump from Orlando, where imagination and fantasy abounds. Pam is a multi-genre bestselling author. She has worked in restaurants, owned an advertising business, content editor for a publishing house, and owned a ballroom dance studio. Pam is an herbalist and has been involved in the use of treatment with raw herbs for almost 25 years.


Elena Ackerson


Elena has been the AdC's spokesperson since 2008. Even though Elena now has her own wedding photography business in florida and works part time at a doctor's office, still puts time in with Affaire de Coeur. (MaryElenaPhotography-


Mildred Burkett


Lauren Calder 

Lauren has been a reviewer with AdC since 2005.  She works with real estate and as a photographer in her spare time -- when she is not reading, sewing or crafting, cooking and baking, playing sports, swimming, or anything else that keeps her mind occupied. She enjoys reading all types of fiction and non-fiction. Being a history buff, she favors historical novels that wind history into the fiction romance.



Danielle Christie

Danielle Christie grew up in the sleepy beachside town of Satellite Beach, Florida. A true Floridian, Danielle has lived all along the Florida coastline, never venturing too far away from the steady ebb and flow of the ocean. Even though she is happily tethered to her home, Danielle seeks out new adventures far and wide as frequently as she can. She has always enjoyed picking up a good book and being lost in a craftily spun story. When she’s not engrossed in a good book, Danielle tries to keep up with her Jack Russell Terrier, Volkswagen loving husband, and nineteen amazing students.


Marilyn Anita Dalrymple


Heather Nordahl Files

Heather Nordahl Files has had her nose in a book for as long as she can remember. Having worked in retail and banking, she is currently a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful children. When not reading, she enjoys learning her family history; eating (and sometimes cooking) good food; and listening to a wide variety of music. Heather hopes her fourth decade is her best yet.



Sheila Griffin



Sheila Hendrix

I'm 47 years old. I'm a nurse who works at a psychiatric hospital part time and nursing home full time. I'm in school for paralegal. My favorite thing to do in the whole world is read. I always have a book going and I love a lot of different genres. My favorite is romantic suspense, and paranormal romance but I'll read almost anything.I'm also the author of a young adult book series entitled, The Dark Circle. Book one in that series is The Betrayal and was just released. I love to write, travel, garden, swim and camp. Some of my favorite authors is Helen Graham, Nora Roberts, Sherrylin Kenyon, Sherryl Woods, Melissa Mayhue, Lynn Kurland, and Shannon K. Butcher to name a few but there are so many more. Some of the authors I found while doing book reviews for Affaire de Coeur and Reader to Reader.


Danielle Hill

Danielle Hill is a single bibliophile in her thirties who lives in Texas. She has more books than she knows what to do with, but can’t seem to say no to the ones she doesn’t own. She a Christian, loves movies and television, animals and gardening, arts and crafts, making and eating desserts, creative writing, and writing and talking about books.


Lacy Hill

My name is Lacy and I love words, whether written, spoken, or thought. So, it’s not so surprising that I spent most of my time reveling in words both in my spare time and in my job. I love reading books and fiction, predominantly romance, listening to music, watching TV shows and movies. I’m a writer and editor, a job I love because I work with words and the expression of thought. When I’m not doing any of those things, you are likely to find me writing, swimming, dancing, learning to play guitar, or playing Rock Band/Guitar hero.



Clark Isaacs

Clark Isaacs "Clark's Eye on Books" 

Clark is an accomplished book critic who published in local newspapers and national book review lists. He is a member of the faculty of Mohave Community College in Kingman, Arizona. Visit Clark Isaacs at The website has a following of over two million readers. He teaches communications, business law, business ethics, Business communications, Customer service, and various other subjects. Clark has written three non-fiction books related to law. Also written a book "How to Undo I do" which is about divorce and social issues. Previously, he taught a course on Creative Divorce at the Alfred Adler Institute. 

Academically, he has a BA in Speech with a minor in History from the University of Minnesota and a JD from William Mitchell College of Law in Minnesota. He practiced law for many years and retired.

Mallory Lane


I am blissfully addicted to books and firmly believe that the only ones worth reading are those that sweep me away to another time and place. Books allow me to travel to far away lands and do the kinds of things I’d never get to experience otherwise. Whether the wee feisty bride of a medieval Highland Laird or the bonded mate of an edgy, sexy vampire, I don’t allow a day to go by without spending some time living a fantasy, the kind to be found on the pages of books.


Layla Lawrence

Layla is a young adult and an avid reader who enjoys reading of all different genres. From the first moment she learned that words told stories, she has kept a book by her side. She believes if you can read, you can teach yourself anything. She is an honor student, co-editor in chief of her school's yearbook, and works in video production as Head Reporter. She is also active in her community through volunteer work connected with the Honor Society. She started reviewing books with AdC at 14 years old and is the youngest book reviewer with the magazine. Along with reading, she enjoys writing poetry, socializing, and is a music-junkie.


Bennet Pomerantz 


Lenore Lovecraft


Lenore is an English grad who loves to read. She has moved over sixteen times in her life but was born in Ohio. Her interests vary so much that it is easier to say what she doesn't like. She is a sassy, fun, scorpio who is ready for any adventure, literary or otherwise, that is thrown at her.


Lani Roberts

Dera Williams

Paul Zunino


Elizabeth Anne

I am a single mother to a wonderful four year old. We read together all the time. My love for books was not love at first sight. My mother loved to read and believed that it was important that I did too. It wasn't long before I fell in love with it, per her insistence. After I caught the "reading-bug" I never stopped. Reading is a big thing in my family. When I was younger my go-to genre was always paranormal, or anything with the slightest bit of magic. Even today it is one of my favorite genres but I do occasionally read things that are outside of my comfort zone.





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