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Fascinated by fairy tales and folktales ever since she was young, Debra Parmley has always ended her stories with a happy ever after. Every story she writes turns into a romance. She started out writing gritty western historical romance and damsel in distress stories.

A Triple C Ranch Christmas Wedding 
Debra Parmley
Twisted Page Press
EBook B08287N992 

Lucy Barr is a jewelry designer who becomes engaged to Jack “Gunny” Barr, a former Marine who is now a security expert from the Brotherhood Protectors Agency. They met when he was a bodyguard for Lucy’s friend in Hollywood but are now temporarily living in Bozeman, Montana. They plan a Christmas wedding at the Triple C Ranch, a facility that helps women who have graduated from a shelter learn how to build a new life. Jack’s job concerns Lucy because she is afraid for his safety. She is sure something is going to go wrong to interfere with their Christmas wedding. She has also heard rumors about the wildness of Marine bachelor parties, which she doesn’t approve of.
Jack hopes to allay Lucy›s fears and give her the wedding of her dreams. Yet during the time they are preparing the ranch for the ceremony, a horse thief steals ten horses from the ranch, and Jack is the best person to give chase, validating Lucy’s concerns. While Jack and Lucy face these challenges on their way to the altar, more emphasis on the Agency and the works of the ranch would have enriched the story.
Hannah Rowan


Nestled in the Mountains of Montana, in Eagle Rock, is the western branch of the Courage and Confidence Center for Women, aka the Three C’s Ranch, where women who’ve been attacked go to learn skills to survive and thrive. Barrett Williams, former Green Beret and Brotherhood Protector, is lead self-defense instructor at the center. He doesn’t intend to fall for the delicate beauty in his class who fights hard to be as strong in body as she is in spirit. 

Chyna Taylor rides the bus line from Cincinnati to Eagle Rock, changing her appearance to avoid being recognized. She wishes she wasn’t small boned and easily overpowered. Before her ex lost it and put her in the hospital, she’d never fought. She swore never to be a victim again. Determined to learn to thrive at the center, she doesn’t plan to fall for the big, strong man who is her instructor. Neither realizes they have little time to get her ready for the fight of her life.

Purchase Defensive Instructor by Debra Parmley

Defensive Instructor

Debra Parmley
Belo Dia Publishing
5 Stars

Chyna Taylor was running away to a new life, on a bus trip to a hideaway and sojourn to learn how to live without fear. A real fear that her ex, Phineas Robbins, and his cousins would find her and bring her back. Finn believed no women had a right to divorce him.

She sees him in her mind stalking her, but is relieved when her ride to the very out of the way Three C’s ranch arrives at the bus station. The Three C’s mission was to protect women from abuse and train them to be able to fend for themselves. She was fortunate that she was able to sell her house and afford to go into hiding.

She meets others at the ranch with similar problems and is paired up to train in self-defense, surrounding awareness, and gun handling along with counselors to help change their mindset toward a better life.

Barrett Williams is one of the defensive instructors at the Three C’s He used to be a Green Beret; after he left the army he found a positive use for his special skills. The Three C’s ranch was just what needed, he liked helping those who needed the skills to carry on and he could provide those skills. A complete professional he finds himself taxed to maintain when he realizes Chyna is more than just another patron. As they work together in training he withholds the building feelings he has for her. She is beginning to notice him as well.

Chyna still worries; as her ex is resourceful and a chance meeting in town confirms all her fears when she escapes his grasp with her newly learned skills and runs. Finn, not to be deterred calls his three cousins and discovers the hidden ranch.

 The story moves well. The characters are well defined and you can feel Chyna’s trepidations as a victim who has not been able to totally leave a bad situation even after the divorce and putting distance between her and Finn.

 I feel the author has done well to portray the seriousness and feelings in this abusive relationship. She’s made it easy to put oneself in the head of someone with this type of distress and I think others will understand as well.

Lauren Calder

 Montana Marine




Montana Marine
Debra Parmley
Kindle Worlds
E-book BO71G6XL5K

   Jack Barr has been assigned on a team to guard actress Angelica Glory. Someone has been sending her gifts that have quickly turned creepy. So, Angelica is sent to Montana for her safety, along with her assistant, Lucy Wood.
    Jack finds Angelica to be beautiful, but self‑centered and demanding. Shy, reserved Lucy is more his type. While his assignment takes most of his attention, he spends time with her. But the stalker has found them. So, too, has a man who wants to date Lucy and won’t take no for an answer. Debra Parmley’s latest takes place in the “Brotherhood Protector Series” Kindle World. But even if you haven’t read the series before, you will be captivated by this tale. Her main couple are likeable, and the plot is absorbing. Put this in your reader and enjoy!
Heather Nordahl Files

CheckOutweb.jpg (150×225)     

Check Out
Debra Parmley
Belo Dia Publishing

     Librarian Betsy Bobbin has been taken with Nash Ware from the moment they met in the library, though he was anything but at his best at the time. It's a night of foul weather, and as she leaves the building, she discovers that she has a flat tire. Nash is there to take her home, and from there a tentative relationship begins.
     It's a winding road to a first date because Betsy's sister Leann is coming to visit from college. She's wild and a bit of a trouble magnet. When Leann nearly gets assaulted and gets drunk enough to throw up, it creates an impediment to Betsy's and Nash's budding romance. Leann has a more serious problem as well, and that drama keeps Nash and Betsy apart.
     Debra Parmley writes a short, sweet novel readers will enjoy. Her hero and heroine are sympathetic characters, and readers will empathize with them as they deal with Leann's chaos. Also, this tale sheds some light on the serious issue of stalking.
Heather Nordahl Files


IsabellaWeb.jpg (150×225)




  Isabella Bride of Ohio: American Mail-Order Brides Series (Volume 17)
  Debra Parmley and Robert Arrow
  Belo Dia Publishing

     Isabella Britta Stolt is an immigrant from Sweden who has found herself without her parents and without a job. She and a group of friends made the decision to become mail-order brides. Trying her best to make a rational decision, she decided to try and take it slow, getting to know the man she picked as a potential husband. She was thrilled that they both seemed to want the same things in life.
Donald Jenks was an accountant. Sending her money, he invited her to visit him so they could get to know each other better and help decide if they would fit.
     On the way to Ohio, Isabella had been robbed and almost abducted. Pinkerton man, Tom Allenby had been assigned on the train to try and find the abductors. When he realized Isabella may have been a target, he followed, rescuing her just in the nick of time.
     When he travelled to Ohio to return her stolen money, there was a clash between Donald and Tom. Tom felt there was something off about the man and he was going to find out what it was.
     It’s been quite a while since this reviewer had to re-read a book because she was so involved with the story that she forgot to take notes! Isabella takes you on a wonderful, exciting ride full of intrigue, adventure, and ending with an HEA.
Kitty Lane

jennaschristmaswishweb.jpg (150×225)





A Change of Scenery  
Debra Parmley
Sweet Cravings Publishing
E book

     Cyree Heat, a professional belly dancer, needed a break and was heading to Grand Cayman. When she arrived at the airport counter, they handed her a paper to read and sign---permission to receive a shot. After being knocked over by a woman, Cyree started watching the crowd. Anxiety started creeping in; something wasn’t right. The more she looked around at the people, the more odd things appeared to her.
     She decided to get out of the way and entered an abandoned lounge. The door slammed behind her and she was locked in. Once her eyes adjusted to the dark, she realized something had happened, something very serious.
     This reader was disappointed for one huge reason. It wasn’t long enough! The author can take this story and make a great series out of it (hint). Ms. Parmley pulls her readers in from the very beginning, keeping the reader enthralled all the way to the end.
Lauren Calder


Trapping the Butterfly.jpg (150×225)





Trapping the Butterfly
Debra Parmley
Belo Dia
E book
978 1612523095

     Bethany Robinson was taken in by her aunt and uncle after her parents' death. Although she appreciated everything they had done, she looked forward to her freedom when she turned eighteen. She would no longer have to live under their strict rules.
     Taking a trip with them to the Hot Springs Bath, Bethany thought that would be an opportune time to follow her plans. Being on her own while her aunt took her treatments, Bethany began meeting and chatting with other people vacationing at the springs. She met a detective who was watching the Capone clan, a gangster who worked with Capone, and a young lady who was a girlfriend of another gangster.
     When she realized her uncle's business meeting was to arrange a marriage with an older man, she refused, rebelling. Unfortunately, her decision making skills were not up to par, and Bethany seemed to continue to get herself into hot water.
     Do not blink while reading this story, a fast paced tale that will snag you the way gangsters corner their prey. This very talented author shows a flair for story telling that is rare and hard to find.
Lauren Calder



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