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Margot Justes

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Interview with Margot Justes 




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A Hotel in Venice

A romantic Gondola ride on the Grand Canal, a shimmer reflected in the moonlit night, and the beginning of mayhem for Minola Grey and Peter Riley.   Continue



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From the desk of: Julie Anne Long ~ The Legend of Lyon Redmond is here! Downloading to e-readers across the world, showing up on bookstore shelves, winging its way through the mail—and maybe it's even in your sweet little paws right now. Continue

Pambling Roads ~~ Iowa to North Dakota Pambling Roads, Meeting the Americans continues. Our travels bring us to Iowa, Minnesota, and North Dakota. We didn’t stay at any hotels in Iowa but chose to travel through it on our way northward. We didn’t want to miss any countryside and was enjoying our travels. Continue

Jodi Thomas and Her Love Stories with Texas ~~ With seven generations of my family in Texas, of course I write about the state I love.  In this new series I’m going more modern-day western than I ever have.  Step into the life of small towns and ranching with me. Continue

Pambling Roads – Wisconsin ~~Wisconsin is up there on the top ten list of most beautiful states. The people were wonderful, friendly, and welcoming. It will most likely be one of the states that we return to for a holiday.Continue

Jodi Thomas – Ransom Canyon ~~ Long ago, four families of ranchers settled along the canyon walls of a bleak Western frontier to forge better lives for future generations. Now, well over a hundred years later, on that same treacherous gorge, their scattered descendants are set to converge once more, ready to face the deadliest test of their lives.Continue

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