Shannon West

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Corpsewood: The Eyewitness Account

Shannon West, Susan E. Scott, Teresa Hudgins

Dark Hollows Press

Trade Paperback




Charles Scudder and Joseph Odom moved to the area to live in the peaceful woods of northern Georgia. Rumors had the openly gay men as devil-worshipers and having drug-crazed parties and orgies. When the two men were found viciously murdered, it shook the town to its core. Who among them could do this?

Teresa Hudgins was a very brave teenager. She was the only one who came forward to tell the truth of what happened that gory, fateful night. A documentation of the aftermath includes another victim during the flight of the two murderers, onto the lives of all the participants, including the trials.

This is a true story of murder in a small town, a nightmare come true. You're sucked into the story as if you're a fly on the wall. A must read!

Kitty Lane