Mary Ann Marlowe Book Reviews

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Some Kind of Magic (Flirting with Fame)
Mary Ann Marlowe
Trade Paperback

     Eden is asked by a co-worker to dab on a new “perfume” and interact with a male test subject. The liquid didn’t cause the desired reaction, and her co-worker tells Eden to keep it.
     Later, Eden goes to a neighborhood bar to listen to her brother’s band. Adam, one of the guys helping Micah set up, comes over to talk to Eden. She runs through her mental checklist. Eden doesn’t date men who are too skinny, too scruffy, too poor and denitely no roadies or musicians. Adam appears to be every one of these things. But somehow an evening of listening to the band together results in Eden spending the night with him.
     The next day Eden finds out that Adam is a rock star. How did a Plain-Jane biochemist wind up with a rock god? At work she finds out; the liquid Eden’s co-worker gave her is a pheromone-reception enhancer. This “perfume” increases the desirability of the person whos wearing it. But that doesnt explain why Edens so attracted to Adam. Could she be falling in love? How can Eden know if Adam’s feelings for her are a chemical reaction or the real thing? Does she dare take the risk of finding out?
     This book has titillating sex scenes, likable characters and a touch of humor. Despite some strong language, it’s a very good book.
Sheila Griffin