Lindsay McKenna Book Reviews

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Wind River Rancher
Lindsay McKenna
Trade Paperback

     Reese Lockhart, ex-Marine captain, now homeless vet, wandered into Jackson Hole, Wyoming, desperate for food, warmth and dignity. He suffered from PTSD and, after returning home from Afghanistan, quickly realized that he couldnt stay at home with his loving parents. He scared them too badly with his nightmares. Plus, he had had an episode while he was sleeping with his wife and had hit her. So, he left and had been wandering the country aimlessly ever since. When he reached Jackson Hole, he was on his last legs, dirty, hadnt had a decent meal in a couple of months and only wanted to get a job, but knew no one would hire him the way he looked. In a last-ditch effort, he went into the hay and feed store and met the owner, Charlie Becker. Charlie immediately recognized the good man under the damaged exterior and offered him a hot meal, shower, clean clothes and introduced him to Shay Reese, owner of the Bar C ranch. His life would never be the same.
     Shay was also an ex-Marine who suffered from PTSD. She was in the middle of her deployment in Afghanistan when her abusive father had suffered a stroke and she had to leave the Corps to return home and save her ranch. The ranch had belonged to her mother’s family, but her father had drunk and gambled it into ruin after her mother had died. Shay was the legal owner of the ranch and didn’t want it to fall into foreclosure. She had a vision for it and her vision included hiring vets with PTSD to work the ranch. It gave them a place of solitude, lots of wide open space and the time to heal while becoming useful members of society once again. And it was working. She just needed someone to be in charge of the wranglers and Capt. Reese Lockhart was perfect for the ranch and for Shay.
     Wind River Rancher will pull at your heartstrings from the very first page. Set in the modern West while dealing with the very real problems of PTSD in our vets, this romance will have you cheering for the hero and heroine from the very beginning. Shay and Reese are made for each other, and everyone can see it but them, because both are so badly damaged. Ms. McKenna deals with the ongoing problems of homeless vets and PTSD in such a sensitive, understanding manner that this reviewer cant wait for the third book in the “A Wind River Valley” series. This is definitely a five-star love story that will have you rooting for their HEA!
Lani Roberts