Jeffe Kennedy Book Reviews

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The Edge of the Blade (The Uncharted Realms)
Jeffe Kennedy
Trade Paperback

     The ambassador from the Thirteen Kingdoms has been kidnapped. Jepp has been chosen to take Dafne’s place. There’s only one problem. Jepp is no diplomat, she’s a warrior. Jepp is more at home in her fighting leathers than in the silk dresses that she’ll be required to wear. But Jepp is her queen’s best scout. She’ll be an excellent spy.
     Jepp and Kral, the captain of the ship that’s taking her to Dasnaria, spent one amazing night together. Now he has some barbaric idea that she belongs to him! Jepp craves Kral’s touch, but she is no man’s bed slave. Jepp decides to slake her lust with one of the crewmen, but Kral has declared that none of his crew are allowed to bed her.
     Eventually, Jepp and Kral come to an agreement. Theyll remain exclusive until one of them becomes bored. Kral is convinced he will lose interest first; he always does. But Kral has never met a woman like Jepp. Astonishingly, the couple’s passion continues to grow. Finally, after much peril, Jepp and Kral reach Dasnaria. There the truly dangerous part of their journey begins.
     This is a continuation of a series. While this story can be read alone, it is strongly advised to read the previous novels first. It is filled with strong language and has some thrilling sex scenes. Its an awesome book!
Sheila Griffin