Dawn Ryder ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Take to the Limit
Dawn Ryder
St. Martin’s Press
Mass Market




     Bram Magnus can handle a lot of things. He is a soldier who has fought in Afghanistan. However, he has one weakness‑‑a woman, his ex‑girlfriend’s sister. Jaelyn is nothing like her sister. Before Bram is due to ship out he is betrayed by his girlfriend and has a one-night encounter with Jaelyn. As soon as he is back stateside, she is all he wants. But she is in danger. It will be all he can do to protect Jaelyn as well as keep their chemistry under control. Can they be together and safe at the same time?
     This was a good read. It had plenty of steam and plot to keep the reader interested. The classic hero soldier theme is also a fun one we ladies love. For me, the best part was the difference between Jaelyn and her sister. There was also enough suspense and intrigue for even the most avid reader. The only drawback on the book was that the over familiar, classic kind of plot had been done before.
Lenore Lovecraft



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Dangerous to Know: An Unbroken Heroes Novel
Dawn Ryder
St. Martin’s
Mass Market

     Zoe Magnus came from a military family and had been taught from an early age to keep her private life close to her chest. You just didn’t let anyone into your world when both your father, a Colonel, AND brother, a Captain, are deployed across the world from each other and your only family contact is the occasional phone call until they come home. It was a lonely life, so when Zoe’s best friend Roni suggested they go out to a bar, Zoe reluctantly agreed. As soon as she walked in, she spotted him. Dressed in all black leather, he screamed, “Bad Boy!” and everything in Zoe woke up and answered!
     Mercer Peter St. Clair was Special Ops and the best at what he did. His assignment was to determine whether Zoe Magnus, or a member of her distinguished military family, was a traitor to her country. Information that had been passed had been traced back to her computer and Mercer was to gain her confidence and find out if she was the one passing the information… using any means possible. And his specialty was sex. He used sex to gain information. He could read women and know just how to approach them to make them interested in him and, in Zoe, he knew it was the bad boy, leather biker that would pique her interest. But once he had that interest, something in him shifted. He knew she was innocent and unlike anyone he had ever investigated before. Was it possible for him to remain objective and do his job? What if she were actually guilty?
     Dangerous to Know is the first book in Dawn Ryder’s “Unbroken Heroes” series and she pulls out all the stops in this first of the series. Mercer oozes sex and danger, but has a conscience, and Zoe is no pushover either. Ms. Ryder incorporates the elements of undercover work, military intelligence and a humorous performing parrot with raw, steamy sex and makes it work magnificently. This is one book you won’t want to put down and this reviewer can’t wait for the second book in the series.
Lani Roberts