Charlie Most and Charlene Keel Book Reviews

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Lost Treasures of the Heart
Charlie Most and Charlene Keel
Red Sky Presents

     Jonathan and his wife are having marital problems because of an affair she had with his friend. He decided that he needed a break from the bickering when he took a weekend off to enjoy some much needed rest and shing. When his wife called and said there was a problem with the offer they put in for the beach house, he met with the realtor, Mattie, who was a very gorgeous woman. He found himself completely desiring her and decided to pursue her.
     On the last night of the shing trip, the group of men spotted a ghost ship. Jonathan became obsessed with the woman he saw and the story behind the ship. Searching for information about the woman, he soon found out she was a pirate named Kate Russell. His obsession with the ghost ship and the pirate Kate confused Mattie and angered his wife.
     The back story about the pirates, tying in with the ghost ship, was perfectly entwined, keeping the reader entertained. This reader, regardless of the reasons and fully knowing it happens in real life, did not care for the affair with Mattie.
Lauren Calder