Shiloh Walker~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Headed for Trouble
Shiloh Walker
St. Martin’s
Trade Paperback

     Neve McKay had left, actually fled, the small Southern town of McKay’s Treasure nine years ago. Her Scottish riverboat captain great-great-great-grandfather and the love of his life had founded the town and made their fortune off the flowing Mississippi. Her family had money and a normal home life until that fateful night of the car accident. Eight-year-old Neve was trapped in the back of the wrecked car with one dead parent and the other slowly bleeding to death and no one around to help her. After their deaths, her older siblings did the best they could, but she was pretty much left on her own. And she pushed every limit she could, earning her the nickname of “Trouble.” So she left to make her mark on the world and now, nine years later, was back with her tail between her legs. She was in trouble, needed help, and figured home was the only place safe. Plus, she had discovered the tiny town had acquired some new and very interesting citizens!
     Ian Campbell had left Scotland a few years ago and come to America to start over. He and Neve’s older brother had met in England in school and become best friends. Now Ian ran the local tavern for Brandon and with his thick build, Scottish brogue, gorgeous eyes, and kilt wearing, he was a serious chick magnet. He would respond once in a while, but no one ever made that spark he was looking for until this beautiful, if slightly disheveled, redhead walked into the bar. Their chemistry was immediate and explosive and shortly became hot and heavy. Then Ian discovered that his hot sexy miss was the younger sister of his best friend and all bets (and hands) were off. Until he discovered her life was in danger and he vowed no one would ever hurt her!
     Headed for Trouble is a truly swoon-worthy romance novel. The heroine is flawed and in distress, but very worth saving. Ms. Walker addresses the very real and serious issue of psychological abuse in a manner that many women can relate to…i.e., nobody believes them because “he just seems so nice.” But with her Scottish hunk to the rescue, Neve has never been safer. And the readers are in for a treat, not only with the sexy romance between Neve and Ian, but also the edge-of-your-seat stalking of her ex and its very satisfying conclusion. A true five-star romance.
Lani Roberts