Melissa Cutler ~~ 5 Star Reviews

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One Hot Summer: A One and Only Texas Novel
Melissa Cutler
St. Martin
Mass Market
978 1250071866

     Remedy was the wedding planner to the stars. Then a scandal forced her to flee in disgrace. Now she's living in the wilds of Texas. Remedy plans to become the most sought after event planner in the state. Then she'll return to Hollywood in triumph.
     In the meantime Remedy's new job as special event manager for the luxurious Briscoe Resort is more stressful than she expected. Demanding brides, their mothers, and even worse, the grooms' mothers, are routine problems. Corralling a runaway elephant is an unexpected duty. To make matters worse, Remedy has a run in with the local fire marshal who's as sexy as he is irritating.
     Micah takes fire safety very seriously, with good reason. Twenty four years ago, a couple of drunk guests of the Briscoe started a fire that cost him his home, his mother and his best friend. Micah has no patience with people who are careless about fire hazards. And the number one offender in the area is the owner of the Briscoe.
     As Remedy and Micah work together, the chemistry between them heats up. Soon, he's warming Remedy's bed as well as her heart. But can Micah ignore the fact that Texas is just a pit stop on Remedy's road back to Hollywood?
     This is the beginning of a fun new series. It's amusing, sexy and a really good book.
Sheila Griffin