Dolores Maroney Reviews

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Lost Melody
Dolores W Maroney
State of Mind Publishing
Trade Paperback

Melody Ravenswood, the daughter of a famous rock star, led a secret life. Known as Mel Harper by the residents of the small town of Willowbrook, she was tired of living like a prisoner and moved to the small town to avoid the paparazzi. She just wanted a normal life, with real people. Finding a job as a journalist with the local newspaper, she was sent to Henry Travis’ home to interview him about his donation to the high school. When she met Hank Travis Jr., the quiet life she had planned went straight out the door.

To Hank Travis, Mel Harper was a hot, sexy vision of desire until she told him she was a reporter. A cold bucket of ice would have been more pleasant. But, the more Hank thought about Mel, the more he wanted to convince her to give him a chance. Mel had absolutely no intention of getting involved with Hank Travis, especially since he was famous-exactly the last thing she could possibly want.

What a treasure! This is an excellent story written with charming, lovable characters. This is a love story that will make the reader smile and want more from this author.
Encore, Ms. Maroney, encore!!!
Kitty Lane