Deborah Camp Reviews

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Solitary Horseman
Deborah Camp
Amazon Digital Publishing

Banner Payne and her family are considered to be trash in her small Texas town. She has her pride, and it hurts to have to go to her neighbor, Callum Latimer, for help. But she can no longer afford to run her ranch with few hands and disappearing cattle. She asks Callum if he would buy her spread, as she’d rather he buy it than the Yankee who’s been offering to buy.

Callum can’t afford to do as Banner asks, but he can make a deal: He’ll help her with her cattle if she’ll cook and care for his ailing father Seth. She takes the deal and things work well, even though Seth is cantankerous and sometimes hateful. But there are rumblings of discontent in town.

Yankees, freed slaves, and Indians are perceived as threats, and the locals want them any means necessary.

The origins of the Ku Klux Klan are explored in this tale. The subject matter can be uncomfortable, but the story comes alive in Deborah Camp’s capable hands. Callum and Banner make for a compelling couple, and the secondary characters also shine.
Heather Nordahl Files



Through His Touch 
Deborah Camp

     Psychic Leviticus Wolfe returned home after a very successful trip to the Keys, found a killer and met the woman of his dreams, Trudy Tucker, who was also gifted with the sight. Shock and disbelief slammed him in the face when a woman presented herself in his penthouse posing as Trudy.
Security arrived quickly and managed to subdue the trespasser. This unbalanced woman was able to get past his private security and living in his home while he was gone put him in a place he did not like, feeling off kilter and violated.
     Long distant relationships were hard for everyone, but Trudy knew something wasn’t right with Levi. She wasn’t sure if it was because he had never been in a committed relationship or if something else was going on in his life. He backed out of plans to come see her in Oklahoma for his birthday. Trudy decided to fly to Atlanta and surprise him. Levi had mixed feelings. He was happy she was there but did not want her in Atlanta because his stalker had escaped from the facility. By being in Atlanta, Trudy put herself in danger.
     Grab plenty to drink and snack on, get in your comfies, and enjoy the ride. Through His Touch is a fast paced, don’t put down, and don’t want to miss a thing romantic suspense.
Lauren Calder


Through His Eyes 
Deborah Camp 
Amazon Digital
E book

     Trudy Tucker is a psychic who can connect mentally with serial killers as they do their grisly work. She works with the police to help them, though they are often understandably skeptical of her unusual gift. Now her mentor Quintara wants her to come to Key West to find a most baffling and alarming killer. But there is a catch--she must work with Levi Wolfe, a highly successful psychic who has the manner of a showman at times. 
     Trudy goes to Key West, but she is clearly resistant to Levi's charms, even when he makes it clear he would love to sleep with her. She is wary of his showy persona and put off by the fact that he has a spirit guide to help him with his cases. Once she relaxes a little, their complementary talents work together. While she gains insight, however traumatizing, though the killer, Levi communicates with the murder victims. But as their work progresses, however slowly, pleasure is more of a challenge, as they each have issues to work through. 
     Deborah Camp’s latest is a contemporary psychic romantic suspense. While some of the more vulgar language feels like it’s added for shock value, the plotting itself is solid. Some readers will figure out clues more quickly than the protagonists, but no one will be bored. However, be warned that the tale ends on an unfinished thread, teasing future tales featuring these characters.
Heather Nordahl Files