Calista Fox ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Flash Burned: A Novel (Burned Deep Trilogy)
Calista Fox
St.Martin's Griffin
Mass Market

     Ari belongs to Dane Max. He fills her every thought and desire. However, he is a man who is important and that means that there are people who are his enemies. Kyle is Ari's friend who has loved her for years and wants to be with her. When Dane has to leave and leaves Ari to her own devices Kyle decides to try to seduce her and win her over. Will Ari stay with Dane or will the more stable safe Kyle have her affections.
     This is one series of books that I do not ever mind reviewing. The characters are well written and despite the fact that the plot is a little like fifty shades I will forgive it. Ari is a main character that I could follow on many adventures should this author decide to continue. There is also a good deal of real life conflict amongst the romantic struggles that makes this feel very authentic.
Lenore Lovecraft


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Burned Deep 
Calista Fox
St. Martin’s Griffin
Trade Paperback

     Ari DeMille is the new event planner at a hotel opening at the New Year. She has a great job and salary. Her career is finally where she wants it to be, and her personal life is getting more interesting as well.
     Dane Bax, her boss, having once made an offer for her professional services also made ones for her personal ones. The chemistry between them is undeniable and unavoidable. Could it be the "job" offer that she cannot refuse?
     What can I say about this book? This reviewer seldom gives a full five stars, but this one deserves it. The pacing is perfect, the steamy parts are, well, steamy. As for the characters they are not the perfect cookie-cutter-type who make some of the romance books boring. It is also refreshing that the situation seemed realistic and natural between the Ari and Dane.
Lenore Lovecraft