Shelly Alexander~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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5 star review





It's In His Heart (A Red River Valley Novel)
Shelly Alexander
Montlake Romance
Trade Paperback

     Ella Dennings had to get her life together. She missed her husband Bradley something awful, so she figured by staying in his cabin in Red River while she figured out what to do with her life would help her get over his untimely death. So she drove his BMW and with his English bulldog Winston, moved to the cabin for the summer. She needed to be alone, away from Albuquerque which was too full of memories of Brad. He had owned half of the cabin with his best friend Cooper Wells, but since Ella didn’t like Coop and Coop didn’t like her, she had made sure that he knew she was coming for the summer and wouldn’t be there. Once she figured her next life’s path, she fully intended to sign over her half of the cabin to Coop. It was what Brad would have wanted. What he wouldn’t have wanted was Ella stuck in a muddy ditch, hiking through the pouring rain carrying a 65-pound bulldog and arriving at the cabin where a practically naked and very irritated (but sexy as hell) Cooper Wells answered the door.
     Coop couldn’t believe his best friend’s widow was standing outside their cabin looking like a drowned rat. He and Bradley had grown up like brothers and had both become chiropractors. But, unlike Bradley, Coop had become a chick magnet in Albuquerque and was currently “hiding out” in his hometown while his lawyer settled a sexual misconduct allegation he was being accused of by an irate ex-girlfriend. His lawyer had stressed he needed to keep his nose clean under any circumstances while she tried to get his license back. The last thing he needed was Cinder-Ella, as he had dubbed her, back in his life. Everything about her intrigued him and that guilt, plus his not being there for Brad while he lay dying of cancer, was eating him alive. So he took it out on Ella. And now she was here with the intention of staying for the summer. Could his life get any more complicated?
     It’s in His Heart is a heartwarming, well-written story of two people who share a grief and attraction but aren’t real sure what to do about it. The chemistry between Coop and Ella sizzles, but Ella is understandably reluctant to pursue the attraction, as is Coop. But, with the help of the entire town of Red River, Ella’s best friends from Albuquerque, and her and Coop’s two amorous male dogs, not to mention Ella’s secret as an erotic romance novelist, this is a mix of new beginnings, sizzling sex, and good humor that can’t be beat!
Lani Roberts