Sara Jane Stone ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Wild With You: Book Four: Independence Falls
Sara Jane Stone
Avon Impulse
**** 1/2

     Brody Summers is at the airport to pick up the doctor who will hopefully restore his brother’s long-term memory. But when a beautiful woman accidentally knocks her down with her suitcase, he finds another way to occupy his time as passion explodes between them. The next morning, he’s upset to find out that she has a secret—she’s the doctor he came to retrieve.
     Kat kept her secret because she wanted to be appreciated for herself. She also knew he wouldn’t touch her if he knew why she was here. He does not remember that she grew up in Independence Falls, isolated and lonely, an orphan passed from foster home to foster home from the age of six, and this experience has formed her view of life.
     Sara Jane Stone’s latest “Independence Falls” tale can stand alone, but readers of the series will enjoy following continuing plots from earlier tales. The sexual tension between hero and heroine is outstanding, and her backstory is heartrendingly real.
Heather Nordahl Files




Full Exposure 
Sara Jane Stone
Avon Impulse
E book
978 0062337573

     Georgia Trulane fought in Afghanistan, and when she came home, the memory of the men she lost followed her home. Now she tries her best to stay one step ahead of her demons, seeking dangerous thrills. She sets her sights on Eric Moore, her brother Liam's best friend whom she's wanted for a long time. He will not touch her, but on one memorable night, they watch each other play with themselves.
     That simple action throws everything into turmoil. Georgia wants their affair to stay on a physical level because once she delves into the emotional realm; she'll have to face her pain and loss. Eric has emotional scars from childhood that make him fear commitment, and he also does not want to fool around with his best friend's sister. Add in a Department of Energy investigation that may find Liam guilty of inadvertently starting a forest fire and the whole situation is a minefield to navigate.
     Sara Jane Stone launches her "Independence Falls" series with this marvelous tale of two scarred souls wrestling with their demons while reaching for each other. The investigation angle adds a sense of place as well as depth for a superb reading experience.
Heather Nordahl Files


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