Sarah Grimm ~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Midnight Heat (Black Phoenix Book 2)

Sarah Grimm






Rebecca Dahlman works as an ER nurse. Her latest patient is Dominic Price, bass player from Black Phoenix and the man who broke her heart three years ago. He has been in a severe car accident, and it's an emotional experience to work on him while she deals with unresolved feelings.

Dominic had a difficult upbringing, so he could not accept Rebecca's love when she offered it. Since he left her, he has avoided California as often as he could. Now he has returned to the area because the band is back together and they are recording a new album. Unfortunately, he has a concussion from his accident, and the resulting headaches are keeping him out of the studio. Can he make amends for the mistakes he made in the past and get her back into his life?

Sarah Grimm's latest is part of a series, and while the tale clearly builds on prior events, readers will not be lost. Her characters have serious parental issues that haunt them, but their chemistry is undeniable and gives them something to fight for. If this is your first Sarah Grimm novel, it will not be your last. I know I will be seeking out the first title in this series, "After Midnight."

Heather Nordahl Files