Sandy Sullivan ~ 4 and 5 Star Reviews

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Trouble With a Cowboy  
Sandy Sullivan
Secret Cravings
Trade Paperback

     Jacie Hawkins is a truck driver who stopped at a small town for a break from driving. Deciding she would like to have some male entertainment, she hit a bar looking for some fun. The next day when it was time to leave, one of the men she rejected decided he was going to retaliate, putting Jacie is a tight spot financially and setting her behind in her deadline to reach Vegas for the rodeo competition.
     Tucker Marshall is in the same small town, also stranded and needing a way to get to Vegas for the competition. When he meets Jacie, he manages to convince her to take him and his prize bull. Being with a feisty lady like Jacie, Tucker looked forward to his trip to Vegas, planning to enjoy the ride.
     An excellent HEA where sizzling sparks fly and cowboys rule!
Kitty Lane