Morgan K. Wyatt ~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Soul Mate Search

Morgan K. Wyatt

Sweet Cravings Publishing

Trade Paperback




Nina was searching for the love of a lifetime, wondering if she would ever cross paths with the perfect man when she met a psychic named Helen. Helen convinced her that she had already met her soul mate and only had a few more chances to meet him again before it was too late.

Tony Dante had a rough and nasty break‑up. Feeling defeated, he was beginning to wonder if he would ever find the right woman until he started bumping into a young woman who looked familiar to him. Not knowing her name or anything about her, he was determined to find out who she was.

Setting up her characters with strategy, Ms. Wyatt adds a few humorous twists, lively characters, and a little bit of magic. Any reader who is looking for that awwww moment when two characters get their HEA will want to read this keeper.

Kitty Lane