Michele Cameron ~ 4 and 5 Star Reviews

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Skeletons in the Closet  
Michele Cameron
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

     Justice Fairchild was a good God-fearing church woman from a small town in Georgia who knew there had to be something better out there for her. She had always wanted to be a fashion designer, but right now she desperately had to help her mother and her troubles with the county on the liens on her house, so she was grateful for her salary as a salesgirl, but it just wasn’t enough. Then her world was turned upside down by a chance meeting with Caesar Brabantio of the House of Brabantio and, suddenly, Justice found herself on a plane to New York to be a fashion runway model with enough money to do everything she wanted to do for her mother.
     Sterling Hart saw the beautiful brown-skinned woman sitting next to him in first class and instantly fell in love. And the fact that she had never flown before and was terrified, gave him the “in” to talk to her. They immediately felt chemistry, but Justice was reluctant to pursue the attraction until she got her feet under her in New York. She had been badly burned once before and was entering totally unknown territory in a totally foreign city. She needed to keep her wits and standards about her. And as tall, dark, beautiful, and well-to-do as Sterling Hart was, he had some unfinished baggage that needed to be taken care of…his wife.
     Ms. Cameron has penned a love story that will resonate with young women of all ethnicities everywhere. Sterling Hart is too good to be true, but truly is a good man of hero proportions and someone Justice deserves. Ms. Cameron’s insight into the fashion world and its pitfalls should serve as a warning to young women with body image issues. Her writing is like a breath of fresh air and this reviewer can’t wait to read her next offering.
     Lani Roberts


The Fall and Rise of Jacoby  
Michele Cameron

     Jacoby Alexander lived in the small Georgia town of Bunnell, was the daughter of the local deacon, and worked in the town library. She was a good girl, brought up by God-fearing parents, and was saving herself for the right man. She was in no hurry to get married, but didn’t have a lot of dates because all the young men in town knew she wouldn’t “put out” and her daddy was a fierce protector. Then Armstrong Battle blew into town and smooth-talked his way into Jacoby’s heart… and her pants. Unfortunately, her fairly tale life was not to be as Armstrong turned out to be not the Prince Charming she first thought, then her family life fell apart for her and she left Bunnell for Miami with Armstrong, in the hopes of starting over and making things better.
     When handsome, rich, kind-hearted Noah Powers, CEO of Powers Public Relations, saw the nervous young lady with the job application in her hand, he noticed that there seemed to be an air of sadness around her and all his protective instincts jumped to the forefront. Her credentials were impeccable, so she was hired, enabling Noah to keep an eye on her and fall madly in love.
     Michele Cameron has done a superb job in creating a sensual love story between two people while addressing complex life situations of domestic violence and adultery in a non-judgmental way. Jacoby is a naïve young woman who gets thrust into a situation she is ill-equipped to handle, but, at times, is rather irritating with her unreasonable stubbornness. But Noah is a true swoon worthy hero that any girl would be lucky to have love her. This is a well-written, thought-provoking love story with an interesting secondary storyline with her parents. A thoroughly enjoyable, sexy read that will have you looking forward to more stories by the talented Ms. Cameron.
     Lani Roberts


Eyes That Lie
Michele Cameron

     Sybil Masterson is a college student enduring all the drama of life at that age. Much of the drama comes from her roommate Peyton, who’s determined to hook handsome Texan Kane Hamilton in marriage. Sybil knows from watching him that he will never marry Peyton, but she lets him hurt her over and over again.
     Sybil catches the attention of Kane's twin brother Dane, but she’s wise to spoiled rich boys like him. A rich white man would not go for a black girl like her, especially because of her lack of pedigree. Violence at the school leads her to surrender to him for comfort, and that’s only the beginning. Unfortunately, high drama is about to hit high gear, and Sybil will suffer a transformation so extreme that her appearance and even her name will change, and revenge will be her ultimate goal.
     Michele Cameron's latest is a contemporary romance with a mainstream flavor. The tale moves from Pennsylvania and Connecticut to North Carolina, Texas and New York City. Clinically described love scenes and thin characterization may interfere with reader enjoyment, but the tale tackles important social issues, and the main characters grow and change in satisfying ways.
     Heather Nordahl Files