Lora Leigh~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Wicked Lies 
Lora Leigh
St. Martin's
Trade Paperback
978 0 312 38911 6

     Annie Mayes is a woman with secrets. She is a school teacher from Tennessee who is hiding everything about herself including her identity. If she tells the truth to her long-time crush, Jazz Lancing, their lives will be entangled in both danger and lust. As an ex Navy SEAL, Jazz thinks he can handle anything, but can "Annie's" secrets and their undeniable lust survive the journey?
     This was a good story, and the more lusty scenes were not lacking, for sure. The plot was well-paced, and the characters were very distinct, which this reviewer appreciated. They were not the cookie cutter type characters that sometimes grace the pages of books in the romance genre.
Lenore Lovecraft



Nautier and Wilder

Lora Leigh, Jaci Burton


Trade Paperback

ISBN: 978‑0425243398




"Nauti Siren" by Lora Leigh. Piper Mackay is longing for the chance to live life on her own terms, without her suffocating, overprotective alpha brother and cousins dogging her every step.  The sexy as sin Jedediah Booker wants a chance with her, but convincing Piper that he's not like the others and doesn’t want to hold her back proves harder than he thought. Pulling out all the stops, Jedediah will do whatever it takes to protect Piper from the danger lurking in the shadows and prove to her that he's a man of his word and the only man for her.

"Riding to Sunset" by Jaci Burton.  Jed Templeton is the newest member of Wild Riders, a group of Harley riding undercover agents headed by General Grange Lee. When the General’s sister goes missing and it’s thought that his enemies might be behind it, Jed is assigned to watch over Elena Madison, Grange’s niece. There’s just one problem--Elena doesn’t know she’s got an uncle, nor does she understand the danger she’s in. The sexual attraction between Elena and Jed is undeniable, but can she get past her fear that she’s nothing more than a job to him? Can she trust him to help find her mother, but most importantly, can she trust him with her heart?

New York Times bestselling authors Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton deliver two exciting, romantic, and very sexy stories.  These novellas from their "Nauti Boys" and "Wild Riders" series' easily stand alone, and fans of steamy, fast paced, romantic suspense are sure to love Nautier and Wilder.

Mallory Lane



Navarro's Promise

Lora Leigh

Berkley Sensation





Navarro Blain has sworn to the Breed to protect Micah Toler so that no harm would come to her. Can he keep this promise knowing that she is his mate and in danger? Can he do his job and have the woman that is his mate without hurting her? His past haunts him, and he needs to keep all at arms length, even Micah. What will it take for Navarro to fully protect and claim his mate?

Micah Toler has been a part of the Breed for years as a helper in many ways. She has known Navarro for many years and has even dreamed of him. The dreams are so hot that she can't even think of another man. But he doesn't notice she is alive; let alone a woman who desires him. Now her life is in danger and the Breed has assigned Navarro to protect her.  Will she be able to handle being around a man who doesn't even notice her?  But then, not only does he notice her, he takes her to his bed.

Navarro and Micah are together because of the danger Micah is in. Will they survive the danger that is lurking around every corner?  If they survive the ones that are after Micah, can they survive an unwanted mating?

Lora Leigh once again brings the reader a Breed book full of friendship, love, loyalty, mystery, and erotic sex that will have you trying to solve this book with every page. With an intriguing plot that gives just enough to fuel you on and wanting to read more, the Breed series is wonderful and always filled with fun and mystery, plus packed with fast-paced action and characters whom you will want to see more of.

Melody Prater


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