Lisa Kleypas~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Brown-Eyed Girl: A Novel  

Lisa Kleypas
St. Martin’s

     Avery Crosslin had suffered through a humiliating jilting at the altar. Rather than wallow in her sorrow, she put on her big girl panties, gave up her dream of being a fashion designer and, instead, became a wedding planner extraordinaire. Of course, she had to get out of New York to do it, but the slower pace of Houston fit her just fine. And nobody there seemed to mind her full-figure like her stick figure girlfriends in New York. Plus, her Type A personality was perfect for her entry into Houston society and success for her business. Then she met her half-sister Sofia, from one of her wandering father’s many wives, and her life was complete. She now had family, a successful career and her heart was safely insulated against any further hurt. Life was perfect until Joe Travis sauntered into her life.
     Joe Travis was of the Travis’ of Houston society, but his self-made, no-nonsense father had made sure that all of his sons and daughter had been raised to respect hard work and not rely on their wealth. In fact, Joe was so laid back that Avery didn’t even recognize him as the son of one of the wealthiest Texans in the state. She saw his camera equipment at one of her society weddings and assumed he was the photographer, so started issuing orders. When he just gave her one of his oh-so-charming smiles and proceeded to totally ignore her commands, Avery was beside herself. He was going to ruin her perfectly planned society wedding! Then she found out he was a guest and tried to hide her mortification. Joe found her utterly beguiling and decided right then that she was who he wanted…forever.
     Ms. Kleypas has penned an utterly delightful happily-ever-after romance with the perfect couple to help fall in love. Avery is a little skittish because of her past hurts and Joe is the perfect, romantic, patient hero to calm her down. This is one of those novels that the reader will just say, “Ahhh” when they reach the last page. And with the interaction of the secondary characters, plus her quirky little dog, this is a five-star read all around. Well done, Ms. Kleypas!
Lani Roberts

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Rainshadow Road (Friday Harbor)  
Lisa Kleypas
St. Martin’s Griffin
Trade Paperback

     In Friday Harbor, Washington, two people who are not looking for love, and don’t believe in soul mates, find both anyway where they least expect—with each other. Lucy Marinn, a gifted and talented glass artist, and Sam Nolan, a determined and clever vineyard owner, meet by chance on the beach and connect.
     A quiet, sweet, shy, dreamer, Lucy is used to being overlooked for her younger sister. Still, Lucy’s unprepared when her boyfriend dumps her for Alice. After their betrayal, she’s determined to keep her heart safe. But the more time she spends with Sam, the more fearless and open to life, and him, she becomes.
     Alcoholic, neglectful parents left Sam wary of emotional attachments and commitments. Running his vineyard, helping his brother care for their orphaned niece, and casual relationships are enough. Passionate, warm, gentle, and witty, he is unprepared for Lucy and the changes she brings into his life, heart, and soul.
     Featuring an excellent fusion of well-developed characters, humor, angst, steamy romance, and magic, Rainshadow Road is a beautiful, emotional, and inspiring love story that flawlessly explores faith, trust, love, magic, and relationships. The novel deftly captures your mind, imagination, and heart, thoroughly drawing you into Lucy and Sam’s world.
Lacy Hill

Love in the Afternoon (Hathaways, Book 5)
Lisa Kleypas
St. Martin's
Mass Market

     Captain Christopher Phelan is serving in the Crimea where his life is in danger on a daily basis. The correspondence he shares with his fiancée Prudence Mercer is what keeps him going, making him want to live. But Prudence is not the author of the letters; instead, Beatrix is writing to Christopher by her own suggestion. Well, that soon gets her in a fix as she begins to fall helplessly in love with the soldier, knowing he will be returning to Prudence. What started out as a lark has become a heartbreaking happenstance for Bea, and she has no idea how to resolve her deception. Christopher will never want her, though when he returns to England, it is as a wounded soldier seeking the solace of the woman who wrote such warm and intriguing letters to him. All too soon he becomes aware that his fiancée is not the warm and inviting woman he has come to love. How will these star-crossed lovers resolve their issues and will love be enough to keep Christopher's nightmares at bay?
     Love in the Afternoon is the grand finale in the beloved "Hathaways" series, and Lisa Kleypas does not disappoint. Beatrix is an unconventional young woman whom we have all watched grow into her womanhood. She deserves the greatest love story of all, and the talented Ms. Kleypas has saved the very best gentleman just for our beloved Bea. Lovers of a beautiful love story and fans of Lisa Kleypas will be thoroughly satisfied with this grand romantic adventure. You will not want to miss Love in the Afternoon. Bravo, Ms Kleypas!
Lettetia Elsasser