Kate Angell ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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No One Like You (Barefoot William Beach)  
Kate Angell
Trade Paperback
**** ½

     Beth Avery knew she had met her match when it came to Atlas, the Great Dane that she was trying to be hired to take care of, among other duties. As he lay in the middle of the street playing dead, she watched in dismay as the other three dogs followed the big guy’s lead as the alpha male and laid down in the street, too. Beth was frantic. She was new to Barefoot William, Florida, after fleeing her hometown and a dismally failed business. She needed a change, and money, and applying for the job as PA to Ryland Cates of the Rogues baseball team was just what she needed. But, unfortunately, she was a cat person but was determined to get along with Ryland’s beasts because her main job would be to cook organic dog food and take care of the Great Dane, Atlas, Rue, the golden retriever, and the love of Atlas’ life, and the two dachshunds, Oscar and Nathan. Not to mention the gorgeous Ryland, himself, and as captain of the team, his teammates, too, somewhat. Could she handle this?
     Ryland had hired Beth for one reason and one reason only…she wasn’t his type. Oh she was cute alright, but he went for the busty, blonde type, so had deliberately chosen someone that wouldn’t be distracting him during their spring training. After all, the job was only for eight weeks and Ry needed to concentrate on pulling his team of ball players and pranksters together for the upcoming season. He led a busy life, had dogs that were a handful and needed someone to help him keep his life and household together. If Beth could get along with his dogs, mostly Atlas, then he was satisfied. After all, Atlas had great instinct when it came to women and he really seemed to like Beth, even with her secrets, and proved it by testing her patience by lying down in the middle of the street during their walk. It should prove to be an interesting two months.
     No One Like You is a feel good, laugh out loud sizzling romance that will have you staying up late to find out what the irrepressible Atlas will do next. And once the chemistry between Ryland and Beth kicks in, not even the four dogs, Ryland’s large family or his loveable, annoying teammates can keep the two of them from making Barefoot William sizzle. A truly enjoyable read.
Lani Roberts