H.B. Pattskyn ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Hanging by the Moment 
H.B. Pattskyn
Dreamspinner Press MM
Trade Paperback
978 1627981279

     Pasha Batalov has not come out of the closet. He works at his father's restaurant and lives by the rules expected from him. With the hours that he works, there is no time to find someone; so he just goes and grabs to whom he is attracted, not making any commitments. By chance, he meets Daniel Englewood, an NA who is bi. Pasha finds himself immediately attracted to the young man.
     Daniel finds himself attracted to Pasha and manages to get him to agree to meet. The two enjoy each other's company and want to pursue a relationship. Things get rough when an acquaintance is attacked and put in the hospital, Pasha's father finds out he is gay, and the restaurant is having money problems. Daniel is honest with Pasha and lets him know he is HIV positive. Pasha isn't sure if he can handle what lies ahead if he stays with Daniel.
     This poignant, heartfelt story takes the reader to the intricate emotions of gay, young love. An excellent story, highly recommended.
Kitty Lane