Eric Jerome Dickey ~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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One Night  
Eric Jerome Dickey
Trade Paperback


     They were strangers with nothing in common. He was from Orange County in an expensive suit, perfectly groomed, gorgeous, driving a brand-new luxury vehicle. She was in ill-fitting, stolen clothes with a Best Buy badge on her chest, her dreadlocks covered up by a cheap wig trying to sell him a MacBook Pro on a rainy night in Long Beach. They had nothing in common. He had just happened to stop at the gas station where she was waiting to make some quick money with her “rocks in a box” scam. Hey, Christmas was coming up and she needed some money to pay her rent. They were absolute strangers from opposite sides of the economic divide, but they both carried lots of baggage. Total strangers united by chance on a rainy night with nothing in common, except the fear that permeated both their bodies when the red and blue lights and sirens started coming towards them.
     As the sirens and lights passed them by, both visibly relaxed and resumed their interaction. She felt bad about the con, this was not what she was about, and he seemed to sense it. She fascinated him. As they talked about nothing really, the pull deepened. He suggested an inappropriate act; she put him in his place and suggested food instead. As the night progressed, so did their connection and the next thing they knew, he was booking them into a swanky five-star hotel. She wanted to go, but she didn’t normally do this kind of thing, but tonight she needed to forget. After all, it was only one night.
    Eric Jerome Dickey has deviated, somewhat, from his award-winning style by having this intense interplay of words and actions taking place in one night. Each chapter’s title is a different time and, as the reader goes through the night with the couple, they are expertly pulled into their lives, loves, and troubles. One Night is a well-written character study with the explosive sex scenes beautifully intertwined with underlying humor and a surprising mystery to keep you turning the pages well into the night.
Lani Roberts