Emma Cane ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Ever After at Sweetheart Ranch: A Valentine Valley Novel
Emma Cane
Mass Market
     Schoolteacher Lyndsay DeLuca had a crush on Will Sweet when she was younger, but she had not realized that her feelings had a grip on her to this day. She’s been writing in secret and has finally sold a novel. But she recently discovered that she subconsciously based her romance’s hero on Will. No one knows about her novel and will not until the day of its release because she fears the reaction of her students, their parents, and the faculty. Now she has to worry about Will’s reaction as well.
     Will’s light, flirtatious personality masks a man who won’t even think about committing to one woman. He’s known Lyndsay for a long time, but is just now thinking of asking her out on a date. She’s of the same mind, but they both know going in that this relationship can go nowhere and will end soon enough.
     Emma Cane’s latest Valentine Valley title gives Will his happy ending. Readers will be riveted as they turn the pages. The plot is strong and the characters enjoyably human as they wrestle with their problems.
Heather Nordahl Files