Destiny Blaine ~ 4 and 5 Star Reviews

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Heroes and Rogues
Destiny Blaine
Dark Hollows Press
Trade Paperback

**The Heroes and Rogues titles Sassy Road, Victory Rising, and Summer Rain are sold individually**

     Sassy Road has gone under extensive physical and mental preparation to confront her abusive stepfather, Damsel Road, who is now the leader of a dangerous biker gang. Entering the Heroes and Rogues clubhouse was a big risk, but she wanted to take her stepfather down. Getting involved with Logan Marcs, an undercover detective who is also a patch member of the rival club, was her saving grace.
     Victory Rising used to be Damsel Road's woman until he went to prison for life. Victory was tired of playing the new leader's whore and decided to go for Devon Kardashian, the rival gang's club president. Trust between the two rival clubs was a dangerously thin line, and Victory had to prove where her loyalties belonged.
     Summer Rain was a new undercover FBI agent sent to find out which cop had turned rogue. She had to infiltrate one of the clubs and learn the truth. Both had been in deep for more than either one would like to acknowledge. Was it Logan Marcs or was Gaylord Martin the problem? Tigger, VP of the gang, was also being investigated for illegal activity. Falling for Tigger put Summer, and everyone around her, in danger.
Kitty Lane


Guarded Secrets
Destiny Blaine
Resplendence PublishingE‑Book

      Audra McAllister works for the Confederation, a group of highly trained agents. She and her men's latest assignment is to protect the family of Senator Willingham. He and his family's lives may be at stake, but he's extremely reluctant to share any information. The Senator is a well‑known skirt chaser, and his bitter wife and spirited teenage daughters are well aware of this. So is his son, and he and Audra share a history.
     Audra and Brance Willingham were once in the Confederation together. He walked away, but now that they see each other again, their combustible passion is still alive and well. Brance is determined to have her again and won't let her policy of not sleeping with clients stand in his way. This passion clouds her judgment and has him eternally aroused, but Brance wants an emotional connection with her, something she resists.
     Destiny Blaine's erotic novella is smoothly and enjoyably written, sure to please. The sex scenes are sparse in the beginning, but the second half of the tale more than makes up for it. Brance's playful and relentless attempts at seduction don't fit with the life‑threatening situation at hand, and the couple's chemistry isn't as strong as some readers will desire.

Heather Nordahl Files
Breakfast by the Sea
Destiny Blaine
Siren Publishing

     Now, Paige Lambert runs a bed‑and‑breakfast on Jekyll Island, but she used to be a dangerous criminal's wife and has the emotional scars to prove it. A group of rodeo cowboys has rented the entire place for ninety days, but they are not what they seem, which she discovers when they invade her bedroom and confiscate her arsenal of weapons. She fights like a wildcat, but is no match for so many strong men.       
     The "cowboys" are actually on a mission to capture and kill men and women identified on their deck of cards. The top bad guy is the King of Hearts, and they soon discover the connection he has to Paige, and that she's in their deck as well. She fights them at every turn with such determination and keeps such secrets that the men would be wise not to trust her. Callan, Connor, Miles, and Adam have been won over by her cagey calculations, but Jeff is not so easy to seduce. That means he'll fall the hardest. Hopefully he'll survive to enjoy it.    
     A ménage tale with this many partners could be forgiven if it stints on plot, but Destiny Blaine's tale has a plot and emotional development to go along with the erotic combinations. If you have a yen to walk on the wild side, you might consider this delicious, dangerous breakfast by the sea with an older woman and her younger lovers.
Heather Nordahl Files