D D Ayres ~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Force of Attraction (A K-9 Rescue Novel)  
D.D. Ayres
St. Martin’s Press
Trade Paperback
978 1250042187

     Scott Lucca and Cole Jamison used to be married. It has been years and each has developed their own lives with their own career paths. They are both in law enforcement and are forced to pose as a happy couple. He needs her specially trained drug dog to solve the case. She is less than happy about the assignment but takes it as it’s her only choice. At some point the pretending becomes more real than either expects when the passion is renewed.
     To be honest, the whole ex partner set up was something that this reviewer thought might turn me off. However, to my surprise, it did not and supplied a good amount of tension that kept me reading. Also, the dog show parts were charming, as the cute puppies are something that melts everyone's heart. This was an overall good story with a very realistic feel.
Lenore Lovecraft