Sarah Hegger~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Nobody's Fool (A Willow Park Romance Book 2)
Sarah Hegger
Mass Market
978 1420137415

     Holly is frantic! Her sister is bi polar and has been missing for three days! Portia has been spotted in their old hometown with Holly's high school nemesis/secret crush.
     Holly isn't surprised to finds Josh in a bar flirting with three young women. She realizes that he's still the player he was in high school As much as it galls Holly to ask Josh for help, he's her only lead. Josh tells Holly that he saw Portia a few days ago but doesn't know where she is now. She accuses him of sleeping with Portia. Josh heatedly denies it.
     While she's questioning Josh, someone steals Holly's car and her money. Portia "borrowed" Holly's credit card and now the account is frozen. With no transportation and no money Holly's at a loss. Guess who comes to her rescue!
     Josh and Holly spend the following days looking for Portia with no luck. As they search, Holly realizes that Josh isn't the love 'em and leave 'em guy she knew growing up. In fact, Holly's quickly falling in love with him.
     Her sister is found and Holly breathes a sigh of relief. Then Portia makes a startling announcement, one that makes Holly question the fledgling relationship she and Josh have begun to develop.
     This is a continuation of a series. It can be read alone. It's an interesting book.
Sheila Griffin