Nicole Michaels ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Win Me Over
Nicole Michaels
Mass Market
St. Martin's

      Callie is the new coach for high school's dance team. The principal talks her into entering a dance competition with the football coach as her partner. Callie assumes that he will be a grumpy old football player whose glory days are long behind him. Boy is she wrong!
      Bennett was an NFL player until a wreck destroyed his knees. Bennett has already told the principal that he won't dance. Bennett meets Callie and reconsiders. Then he learns that entering the competition could win him a lot of money, money that would go a long way towards helping his players pay for college. Bennett agrees to enter the competition.
      Callie is stunned that such a graceful man is such a klutz on the dance floor. To make matters worse she can't concentrate on anything when Bennett's around. Well, nothing other than how sexy he is! Bennett is in the same boat. Every time he sees Callie, all Bennett can think about is getting her naked.
      As Callie slowly teaches Bennett to dance, the two fall in love. Then, tragedy strikes and Bennett retreats into his shell. Can Callie get him to let her in or will she have to give up on what could be the love of a lifetime?
      This is a continuation of a series. It can be read alone. It's a very good book.
Sheila Griffin