Laurelin Paige ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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First Touch: A Novel
Laurelin Paige
Trade Paperback
St. Martin's Griffin

     Emily Wayborn is an actress on a hit TV show. She hasn't been home and decides to take a break and visit her mom for a while. While there, her old bestie Amber leaves a message that spells danger. Amber is missing, and a local billionaire Reeve Sallis is the one with information.
     Reeve is not talking, though, so Emily must seduce him to find her friend. The only problem is that she is starting to fall for him and will have to betray Reeve to save Amber. Will she be able to?
     This was a very good read. The plot with the missing friend added a great deal of intrigue that I liked and kept me reading until the book was done. As well, the sex scenes were well written and spicy which I like. For me the only real drawback was the sort of overused misunderstood billionaire thing that Fifty Shades brought into more popular light. Other than that one element I am very pleased with this book.
Lenore Lovecraft