Sophia Nash~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Once and Future Duchess

Sophia Nash


Mass Market




    Isabelle Tremont, the Duchess of March, has been told by the Prince of Wales, himself, that it is time for her to marry. Not too long ago, the single dukes of England had a legendary night of debauchery that caused ripples throughout society and beyond. The Prince’s solution is to marry off the dukes (and Isabelle, the one duchess). Isabelle plans to do her part by proposing to James Fitzroy, the Duke of Candover. She has loved him for years and hopes she can convince him to say yes.

    James says no. He knows he is too old for her, and he promised her father on his deathbed that he would find her a groom close to her own age. James is a man whose life is ruled by duty, and the betrayals he has suffered in life have cemented his attitudes. Isabelle is a temptation he is determined to resist, for if he fails, the repercussions will be hard to endure.

    Sophia Nash's latest in this charming series is a many‑layered delight. Readers should pay attention to make sure they don’t miss a nuance. While the tale can stand alone, references to past adventures will make the uninitiated want to pick up the whole series.

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