Madeline Hunter~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Accidental Duchess

Madeline Hunter


Mass Market




          Lady Lydia Alfreton is in trouble, but she has only herself to blame. Being blackmailed over a highly improper manuscript she once wrote should be the least of her worries, but to obtain the 10,000 pounds needed to pay the blackmailer's price, she made a bet she had never imagined losing--until she did. Now, facing certain ruination, Lady Lydia must watch her step lest she find herself the center of a scandal or, perhaps worse, the arrogant, dangerous, and oh, so seductive Duke of Penthurst's Duchess.

          Penthurst thought only to warn her off gambling with his outrageous bet, but the rebellious Lady Lydia wasn’t so easily dissuaded. Now that he’s won, will he claim only his prize--her innocence--or will he claim all of her and make her his?

          Madeline Hunter's "Fairbourne Quartet" series continues to be a favorite amongst historical romance readers, and with great characters, an intriguing, sexy storyline, and her trademark attention to period detail, The Accidental Duchess will, start to finish, please even the most discriminating historical romance connoisseurs! 

Mallory Lane

The Conquest of Lady Cassandra

Madeline Hunter


Mass Market




Lady Cassandra Vernham was at Southwaite to attend her best friend's wedding. During the weekend, she encountered Yates Elliston, Viscount Ambury, the very same gentleman who owed her a considerable amount of money, monies she needed to survive. As delicately as she could, she brought up the subject.

The viscount had not forgotten nor intentionally not paid her. He had been dealing with family problems and suspected the jewels he purchased at auction were stolen from his family. He would have to confront her, and he knew it would not go over very well at all. But life around Cassandra has always been a bit juicy.

Madeline Hunter brings her readers a sparkling gem of a story.

Lauren Calder


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