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Ark Storm
Linda Davies
Tom Doherty Associates
978 0765336736


     Dr. Gwen Boudain unknowingly puts her life in danger when she creates a mathematical model that can predict the next mega storm, the Ark Storm. The problem with this kind of research is that it can lead to such an understanding about the nature of storms; you can make your own storms. Used as a weapon, a super storm would be worse than nuclear bombs. Now why would this put Gwen's life in danger?
     Michael Crichton's State of Fear novel shows how this can happen. A physicist, expert in the field of wave mechanics, shows an attractive young woman in his lab how a Tsunami is made. He showed the wrong person. She belongs to a group that wants to weaponize Tsunamis. He is drowned after she gets the information. This way, no one else can ever use the data. Gwen will face a similar problem. She gets a ten million dollar grant from a Dr. Messenger, but financial problems become the least of her problems. People begin to follow her everywhere and spy on her. Who can she trust?
     Ultimately, she puts her trust in the wrong person. He calls himself "The Sheikh" and wants to wage jihad on American soil by amplifying the power of an approaching Ark Storm. Gwen doesn't realize her mistake until he gives her a one-way ride on a helicopter far out to sea. She survives the ordeal but now must fight the advancing Ark Storm. This is a great story.
Paul Zunino



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