Kelley Armstrong~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Otherworld Nights: An Anthology 
Kelley Armstrong
Mass Market
978 0452298347

     A pointless death leads to Savannah's and Adam's discovering a boy who is an untrained teleporting half demon. This novella, Vanishing Act, is the only new material in this anthology.
     The rest of the book consists of one other novella and several short stories that have all been published elsewhere. Readers who haven't read the series could easily understand the two novellas. But, if one has not read the “Otherworld” series, there would be no reference point for any of the short stories. This is the first of three “Otherworld” anthologies. They will contain both previously published stories along with new material.
     The author encourages readers to contact her about which short stories and novellas they would like to see included in these future works. The novella, Hidden, is about Elena, Clay and their kids. The short stories are: 1) "Demonology"--Adam's mother discovers what he is; 2) "Stalked"--a story about Clay and Elena's honeymoon; 3) "Twilight" Cass's story; 4) "Chivalrous"--Reese's back-story; 5) "Lucifer's Daughter"--a story about Hope and Karl; and 6) "From Russia with Love"--a story about Elena.
     For fans of the series, this is a fun romp through days past as well as a chance to keep abreast of developments with the beloved characters of the “Otherworld” series. It's a really good book.
Sheila Griffin



Wild Justice
Kelley Armstrong
Trade Paperback
978 0452298811



     Nadia Stafford was the owner of a wilderness resort lodge and part time contract killer. On a job, she had missed the opportunity to finish the hit. Unfortunately, it was too late; the man had killed his wife, shot his daughter, and then killed himself. Nadia felt responsible. If she had done her job and not hesitated, the woman would still be alive.
     Her failure brought back the nightmares, the crazy mixed up nightmares where Nadia relives the night her cousin was raped and murdered. Her friend Jack, knowing how she would react to the woman’s death, hunted her down and took her to another case, a very complicated case; to the man who killed her cousin.
     Kelley Armstrong has penned an action-packed thriller, drawing the reader into the story with each turn of the page.
Lauren Calder