Julie Benson~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Cowboy in the Making

Julie Benson

Harlequin American #1516

Mass Market




      Jamie Westland plays violin in an orchestra. Unfortunately, his hand is injured, and he has been let go. Feeling rootless and needing to get away from his friends’ sympathy, he goes to his grandfather in Estes Park, Colorado, to lick his wounds and exercise his hand in hopes of eventually getting his job back. He does not realize that his grandfather has a matchmaking plan in mind that involves Emma Donovan.

      Emma plays in a country band, aiming to hit the big time. She’s been close before but was devastated by a cruel ex‑boyfriend who deserted her when she was pregnant. She gave up the child for adoption but will not give up her country dreams. She can’t surrender to her attraction to Jamie--all musicians are self‑centered egotists, or so she thinks.

      Julie Benson's latest tale set in Estes Park features wonderful characters including Jamie, a nice guy who does not finish last. Also, the subplot concerning the son Emma gave up for adoption adds to the richness of the story.

Heather Nordahl Files



The Rancher and the Vet
Julie Benson
Harlequin American #1448
Mass Market

     Reed Montgomery never wanted to return to Estes Park, Colorado. It was the scene of his father's abuse, the place where Reed snapped and nearly beat his father to death after one
final-straw beating. He feared his temper and fled to California, leaving his girlfriend behind, even breaking up with her via email. Now his brother has been deployed to Afghanistan, and Reed is the only person who can take care of his teenage daughter Jess. Reed is sure he can’t be anyone's parent, but until he can
find another solution, he has to come back home at last.
     Avery McAlister still in town. He broke her heart years ago, but she’s over him now, or so she’d like people to think. But Reed needs her help, first with Jess' sick dog and then with Jess
herself. She’ll help for Jess' sake, but she can’t give in to any of her feelings for Reed because nothing but heartache can ever come of it. He is unwilling to ever have children and Avery can’t
imagine a marriage without them.
     Julie Benson's latest is an emotionally intense, sometimes wrenching journey through abuse, loss and fear. This is the third tale about the McAlister siblings, but there’s no need to read those books to enjoy this well-crafted story.
Heather Nordahl Files

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