Juliana Gray~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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How to School Your Scoundrel

Juliana Gray

Berkley Sensation

Mass Market




     Crown Princess Luisa of a small European nation is forced to go in hiding with her two sisters when her father and husband are assassinated and the principality rule is overthrown. The safest place for her turns out to be in the home of a notorious scoundrel, the Earl of Somerton, masquerading as his male secretary. Somerton is cold, ruthless, morally questionable, and forbidding, but also incredibly masculine and attractive. Will Somerton turn out to be her knight in tarnished armor, the only one who can win her heart and help her regain her lost throne?

     Juliana Gray has written a transfixing, deeply sensual and captivating historical romance novel. The characters are richly drawn, feeling like real people, with all the attendant flaws. The love story between Luisa and Somerton is utterly compelling, giving the reader the opportunity to watch a dark, twisted hero walk the uphill path to redemption with the love of a good woman at his side. Along with excellent romance, there is a nice dose of suspense involving Luisa's lost throne.         

     How to School Your Scoundrel has plenty to appeal to demanding historical romance readers.

Danielle Hill





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