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Change of Heart 
Jude Deveraux
Mass Market
978 1476779720

     Miranda Stowe's ex husband is a lying weasel, but she gives him money anyway, leaving her and her son destitute. Eli is sick of watching his father take advantage of his mother, so the teenage genius knows he must do something. He and his best friend Chelsea have spent years breaking the law to help those who have been taken advantage of, so they use their skills to manufacture a nursing job for Miranda. They hope she will find a love connection with the man she will be nursing, Frank Taggert, who is a billionaire and father figure to Eli. Can their plotting succeed?
     Twenty years later, Eli and Chelsea are all grown up, and they haven’t seen each other for years. Chelsea became a model, and Eli has moved beyond his scrawny nerd appearance, though he still uses his extraordinary computer skills for the government. Chelsea is stunned by his transformation, but she has no intention of staying in Edilean, even for Eli.
     Jude Deveraux has taken her 1994 novella of the same name, and has expanded it into this splendid novel. She has a gift for taking even mundane conversations and turning them into riveting, page turning reading. The plot in each half of the book is sound and the characters are well crafted. Best of all, while this book is connected to two different series, no one will be lost.
Heather Nordahl Files


Return to Summerhouse
Jude Deveraux
Pocket Mass Market

          Once again, three women make their way to the Summerhouse in Maine,
where they will change their lives in ways they never expect. Amy suffers a
miscarriage and retreats inside herself. Faith attacks her mother-in-law
after her husband's funeral, then attempts suicide. Zoe loses her memory
after a car crash, and then she sets her car on fire in the center of town.
All of them need help to get past their traumas, and they will find it with
Madam Zoya.
            Zoya offers her services in a charming Victorian house on
Everlasting Street, a place that can only be found by those who need her
services and have received her card. She can send people into the past, to
re-do three weeks of their lives. But Amy's request is truly unique-- she
wants to go into someone else's past, in 1797, and save her husband's
ancestor from murder. Faith and Zoe will get a chance to make trips of their
own, but for now they accompany Amy on her trip into the past, and on the
way, they find things that will inspire their own personal journeys.
              Jude Deveraux's latest revisits the concept from her 2001 novel,
The Summerhouse, and expands on it to enjoyable effect. Readers of that
novel will surely want to seek this out, and new readers will certainly be
absorbed in this fascinating and innovative novel.

Heather Nordahl Files

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