Josephine Angelini~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Trial by Fire(The Worldwalker Trilogy)
Josephine Angelini
Feiwel & Friends

     Lily is allergic to almost everything. A spiked drink leads to a deadly allergic reaction. Lily's hovering over her lifeless body, when a voice says that if Lily comes with "her," she'll no longer be sickly. Lily refuses and returns to her body. She recovers, physically anyway. But Lily's spirit doesn't heal from her best friend's betrayal. This time when the voice asks Lily if she's ready to go, she agrees.
     Lily regains consciousness and quickly discovers that she's not in her Salem anymore. Her summoner, Lillian, is the most powerful woman in this world. She’s also the cruelest and Lily looks exactly like her. Rather than help Lillian rule, Lily runs away.
     Lily's quickly captured by a rebel. Rowan ridicules her story of multiple universes. Lily's inability to use magic finally convinces him that she's not Lillian. As she learns of Lillian's penchant for torture, Lily becomes convinced that Lillian must be overthrown. She also falls in love with Rowan.
     For the insurrection to succeed, Lily must learn a lifetime's worth of magic in mere days. As Rowan teaches Lily, he finds himself falling for her. He even begins to trust her. But if Rowan's trust is misplaced, the last hope of freedom for his world will be snuffed out.
     This is the beginning of an exciting series. It's a very good book.
Sheila Griffin

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