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In Want of a Wife
Jo Goodman
Berkeley Sensation
Mass Market



Morgan Longstreet puts an ad in several newspapers to find a bride with whom to share his life, determined to put his shady past behind him. To his surprise, his future wife looks different from her picture. But, different isn't bad. 

Jane Middlebourne settles on a mail order marriage in Wyoming to escape her stifling existence as a poor relation in a prominent New York City family. Her future groom is a tall, handsome redhead who intrigues her.  Can their marriage survive, with secrets from Morgan's past that might just explode in their faces?

Jo Goodman has weaved a spell with this novel. The atmosphere is perfect, and both leads are captivating and endearing.  Morgan is a wonderful mix of laconic toughness and loving sincerity. Jane's quiet exterior conceals a passionate core of iron‑hard resilience. It doesn't take very long to realize that Jane and Morgan are perfect for each other. It's a privilege for the reader to experience their cocoon of growing intimacy, passion and love. While slow‑moving initially, Goodman provides an exciting climax of western action that makes this character driven novel very appealing to fans of western historical romance.

Danielle Hill 

The Last Renegade
Jo Goodman
Berkley Sensation
Mass Market

     Jo Goodman takes the reader to 1888 Wyoming Territory in this story of
a widow determined to rescue her town from the tyranny of an unscrupulous family of cattlemen.   She hires renowned shootist Nat Church to come as a peacemaker only he is attacked and mortally wounded on the train and has transferred his obligation to Kellen Coltrane.  Kellen meets Mrs. Raine Berry with a temper to match her coppery hair, and finds one more reason to stay on in the town.  Kellen and Raine work together to bring justice back to Bitter Springs, as a culprit continues to murder people involved in a trial several years ago that Raine had a personal stake in.  As they associate for business, passion and pleasure forge an equally important bond between them.
     Goodman brings the late 19th century Old West to vivid life.  The varied
characters are well rendered and diverse in their motives and morals.  Kellen and Raine stand out as determined, intelligent, and wary, but passionate, lovers, both of justice and each other.   The intriguing mystery plot adds layers to an excellent romance.  The Last Renegade will satisfy demanding western historical novel fans.

Danielle Hill




A Place Called Home

Jo Goodman

Zebra Books

Mass Market




A Place Called Home is a romance about two people who become an instant family to three young children when their mutual friends are killed in a car crash.  Mitch is the easygoing one. Thea has issues that make her feel unqualified to be a mother. However, their friends specifically named them both as guardians of their children in the event of their untimely deaths.

They both back away from parenthood, initially. Yet Mitch realizes that he can't imagine not being a parent to Emily, Case, and Grant, even if he didn't think he had it in him to be a dad. And he wants Thea's partnership in this endeavor because he has always had feelings for her, and he knows she feels the same.

Jo Goodman's writing flows beautifully with textured, sympathetic characters.  Thea's issues are very troubling, and it takes a strong woman to overcome them, and a strong man to love her.  The romance between Thea and Mitch is a delectable mix of sweet and sexy teamed with the heartwarming scenes with the kids, who are grieving for their parents.  A Place Called Home is a winning contemporary romance this reviewer highly recommends.

Danielle Hill


Never Love a Lawman
Jo Goodman
Zebra Mass Market
ISBN 978-1420101751

     Sheriff Wyatt Cooper observed as every eligible (and married) man in town watched Rachel Bailey walk down the street as she did her errands. She was a beautiful recluse, avoiding people unless there was a need. He had the misfortune of being the one to bring her bad news from a telegram he received that concerned her.
Rachel just wanted to be left alone. Unfortunately, Wyatt Cooper would not back away, all the time claiming he was bound by honor to watch over and protect her, a promise he had made to a mutual friend many years before. When Rachel learned about the plans and contracts made concerning her life, her future, she refused to allow anyone to make that kind of decision for her.
Consistently, Ms. Goodman delivers excellent romances. She has brought the reader into her fold, into the inner circle of the characters, where the reader becomes a part of the story, cheering on the feisty characters, and grinning at the budding romance.

Lauren Calder



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