Vonna Harper~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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His Slave
Vonna Harper
Trade Paperback
     Cheyenne Stensen was an aspiring reporter working for Edge magazine. So far her stories had been insightful but not really edgy. She wanted something with more meat to it, but when her bosses asked her to do an in‑depth article on the Master/slave sub‑culture, her first thought was, "How did they know?" Cheyenne had always been fascinated with the BDSM lifestyle and Master/slave relationships, but only in her fantasies and on her computer--never in real life. Now she had a chance to see what it was really like, but who would be her Dom and would she be able to handle it?
     Mace Brandt was the stoic security guard for Edge magazine. He sat at the front desk and scrutinized everyone who came in and out the front door. All the female staff (and some males) were fascinated by his overt maleness and quiet confidence. But none of them knew that during non‑work hours, Mace was a Dom. He frequented the local BDSM club, Indulgences, and was considered a Master Dom by the members. He thought no one at his job knew about his other life until his bosses approached him with an interesting proposition. They knew he was a Dom, and they wanted him to make Cheyenne his sub and introduce her to Indulgences and the BDSM lifestyle--for the article, of course.
     With the popularity of the BDSM novel Fifty Shades of Grey, the subculture of bondage and discipline; sadomasochism; and Master/slave (or Dom/sub) has suddenly become mainstream reading. But Ms. Harper has gone one step farther in His Slave. She explores the psychological reasoning and training it takes to be a Dom or slave and does it through the eyes of the participants. Mace and Cheyenne are not a couple in love exploring their fantasies to enrich their sex lives, even though they have both noticed the other when at work. They are two relative strangers who must find that common ground to be able to complete their assignments. Neither of them is aware of the hidden agenda the Edge owners have planned for them. This is a spellbinding, insightful novel that will keep you reading late into the night. Be aware though, it does get a little graphic, but the bondage scenes are not gratuitous.
Lani Roberts

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