Trish J. MacGregor ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Apparition: Hungry Ghosts (Book 3)
Trish J. Macgregor
Tom Doherty Associates

     Tess and Ian have lived in the city of Esperanza for many years with Tess' niece Maddie and her partner Nick Sanchez. The problem is Esperanza is not a good place to live. It has become a portal between the living and the dead. In Esperanza, the dead cannot only contact the living and project holographic images of themselves; they can do what we would call spiritual possession. The difference is that, in this story, they can do it on a massive scale. They can take over the whole city if they want to do so.
     Not every ghost is evil. The evil ones are called Brujos. In the beginning of the story, Tess is chased by Brujos. It could have taken her over but instead decided to play cat and mouse. It took over someone standing next to her and then talked to Tess. Tess could not get away because she could not hide. It just kept on taking over anyone standing close by.
     Obviously, the world that the Brujos exist in is laid out differently from ours, and they have the advantage. Somehow, Tess and her friends must defeat the Brujos who are planning to do something really bad. But how can these things be destroyed when they exist, but are not alive?
     Apparition is the third book of the "Hungry Ghosts,” but can be enjoyed by itself, without having to read the first two books. This story is very well done.
Paul Zunino


Ghost Key: Book Two of The Hungry Ghosts

Trish J. MacGregor






Nick is a remote viewer for the government. He can psychically travel to distant places and see them as clearly as if he were physically in the location. During one of his viewings, he encounters a beautiful redhead who has been possessed. He vows to find a way to free her.

Maddie has been seized by Dominica, the leader of a group of brujos. These ghosts take over the bodies of unsuspecting humans, and they control the host until the body dies.

Dominica ruled a kingdom of brujos. Then Maddie’s aunt destroyed it. In retaliation, Dominica has possessed Maddie's body and plans to turn her hometown into a brujo enclave.

Maddie fights Dominica's possession at every opportunity. She’s usually rewarded by unbearable pain. Once in a while, she is able to astral travel. It is in this state that she meets Nick and they fall in love. She vows to find a way to free herself and her town of Dominica and her evil companions. Nick searches for Maddie. Meanwhile, Dominica's power grows.

What hope do a couple of humans have against an ancient evil, especially when one of the humans spends most of her time controlled by the leader of that evil? This is the continuation of a series that can be read alone. It is a very good book.

Sheila Griffin


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