Tanya Michaels~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Her Secret, His Baby
Tanya Michaels
Harlequin American #1463
Mass Market
     When Arden Cade meets Garrett Frost at a wedding, she is grieving the loss of her best friend and sister‑in‑law who died along with her toddler in an accident. Needing consolation, she indulges in a one‑night stand, then flees the next morning. Soon she discovers that this one-night has left her pregnant. She decides that it’s a gift from her lost friend and does not notify the father because he might not want such a disruption in his life.
     Garrett has just learned that his mother has lied to him all his life. He is the product of an affair--he is not his father's son. On top of this, his biological father might die without a kidney transplant, and Garrett is a likely match. He must get away from his family for a while; so he visits friends, and while there he bumps into an obviously pregnant Arden. When he realizes that he's the father, he's furious. Arden feels terrible and knows there's no way to make up for her behavior. She just hopes they can learn to work together for the baby's sake.
     Tanya Michaels launches her Colorado Cades series with this emotionally complex tale. Both characters have been through the wringer, and their reactions to their situations fit their characters. Arden and Garrett have wonderful chemistry, and readers will be pulling for them all the way.

Heather Nordahl Files

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