Sharie Kohler~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Soul So Wicked
Sharie Kohler
Mass Market
     Darius has been a lycan for a thousand years, and he is the only lycan he knows of who fights his bloodlust. He wants nothing more than to end his curse, and he has finally found Tresa, the two-thousand-year-old witch responsible for the curse. He tracks her to her home in chilly Alaska, determined to keep her prisoner until she breaks the curse.
     Tresa was on the brink of death when her desire for revenge created the first lycan and left her possessed by the demon Balthazar. If she were to die, the demon would be set free to wreak havoc on the world. He is not possessing her at this moment, and she wants to remain free of him for as long as possible. Darius has her trapped, but then Hunters find him, and Tresa saves him while making her own getaway. They become a team and reunite in a warmer climate because Balthazar has found another willing victim who is now a serial killer.
     This nearly flawless tale is the latest in a series, but it stands alone. Sharie Kohler's characters compel the readers to turn the pages feverishly to its high‑stakes conclusion.
     Heather Nordahl Files

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