Scott Gamm~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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More Money, Please--The Financial Secrets You Never Learned in School Money Management
Scott Gamm
Trade Paperback
     Graduation from high school or college often raises the question what do we get as a present for the new graduate. Do we get a blouse, tie, or some other non‑memorable item? Scott Gamm has written an enticing book that will put that new graduate on the right track to financial independence and good money management, More Money, Please is not a book that begs for money; it is a book about managing money written by a student for students or recent graduates.  Scott is third year finance major at New York University and is recognized as a financial guru who makes some complicated financial mumbo‑jumbo as enticing as apple pie.
     At the ripe old age of 17, he stepped into the limelight of finance by creating a helpful website:  Immediately the media noticed his talents and made him a regular contributor on the media circuit such as MSNBC and CNBC's Closing Bell.  He is a third year student and has some solid advice for his peers in the realm of student loans, buying textbooks, or applying for internships.
     In the formative years of learning about credit cards, debt, and buying things there seems to be a void in our educational system. Schools do not have an economics class, which covers the basics about how to select a credit card company or what types of cards are available.  Many parents try their best to encourage saving habits and money management for their children.  However, until they experience freedom, independence, and making choices, the children learn a lot by trial and error.  Sometimes, the errors compound to utter futility so the child gets into debts' deep dark hole. No one is there to bail them out. Discharging college loans in bankruptcy is not an option, and students find themselves so squeezed they just give up by dropping out.Scott Gamm is a realist. Much of his advice comes from his researching his topics thoroughly. Ably he quotes statistics, gives budgeting advice, and really harps about one main theme in this book. Pay your credit cards in full monthly! This is not only great advice for students, but their parents as well. Interest and low payments are the key elements in driving our country into deeper debt without hope of getting out.
    This book is an excellent gift for the graduate of college or high school. When the aspiring scholar enters college next fall, give this lasting book of advice, along with a check would be nice. This five‑star book will last a lifetime! 
Clark Isaac

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