Sarah MacLean ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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One Good Earl Deserves a Lover

Sarah MacLean


Mass Market




Pippa Marbury is used to her role. Most people see her as odd, as she is more interested in science and horticulture than the social scene. But her wedding is rapidly approaching, and she knows she needs lessons in the physical aspects of marriage. She likes her prospective groom, but there’s no chemistry there. So Pippa approaches a most notorious lover to get the answers she needs.

Cross may be an earl, but he has walked away from that life, spending his time running a gaming hell rather than mingling with society. When Pippa comes into his office, he tries his best to discourage her, but she is determined to engage her fiancé's attention, and Cross, the legendary lover, should be her key to success. But soon desire ensnares them both.

In her latest tale, Sarah MacLean has truly hit her stride in voice, plot and characterization. Cross is a tortured hero who will tug at readers' hearts, and his love scenes with Pippa are tender and erotic works of art that will leave readers reeling. This is part of a series but it can stand alone.

Heather Nordahl Files


Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart
Sarah MacLean
Avon, Mass Market

     Juliana Fiori has been a scandal since her arrival in England from Italy. Her very existence is a reminder that her mother deserted her twin sons, only to desert Juliana as well years later. Her half-brothers have taken her in with open arms, but she fears that her tendency to find trouble will cause them to give up on her. When a lecherous nobleman forces her to flee her own garden, she takes refuge in the
Duke of Leighton's carriage and finds a new reason to seek scandal.
     To Simon, there is no more important cause in life than that of keeping the dukedom utterly clear of scandal. His mother raised him to feel this way, earning him the nickname of the Duke of Disdain. An unavoidable scandal is coming to taint the family name, and to ward it off, he must marry a girl of unimpeachable lineage and morals. He has already chosen his bride, so Juliana can be nothing but a distraction... but she occupies his mind day and night, challenging him to give in to passion.
     Readers, don't be deterred by the unwieldy title this tale is an insightful look at how cruel Society can be to misfits, especially square pegs like Juliana who simply don't fit into the round hole Society provides. Simon can be frustrating, but while his eventual transformation feels a touch abrupt, the scenes where he lets loose are simply awesome.

Heather Nordahl Files