Sarah K. ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Secret Life of a Submissive: A True Story
Sarah K
Trade Paperback

     It all starts when Sarah invites her friends over to pick their brains about their sex lives. She plans to write erotic novels, but her own marriage is completely uninspiring, so she
needs inspiration from another source. She finds writing success and divorces her husband, then starts looking for love online. Soon, she realizes she does not want the type of men she finds on regular dating sites. So, ablaze with apprehension, she investigates a BDSM site.
     At first, her search for a Dom to teach her is as unsuccessful as her other searches. Then she meets Max. He patiently teaches her about the life. Soon, she’s in a world where the rules of her relationship are determined in a contract; where she sometimes struggles to follow those rules; where the scenery is often weird and wonderful; and where she wonders if she can make a lifetime commitment to someone within this life. Her feelings for Max are intense, and she’s finding pleasure in and beyond pain.
     The author has changed names and details in this otherwise true story. This may be a memoir, but it reads like the best-written fiction. Sarah K is not graphic in her detail, but readers not comfortable with D/s should stay away. Those who are comfortable, curious or titillated by the concept will be enthralled by this story told by a charming narrator.
Heather Nordahl Files

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