Santa Montefiore~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Woman from Paris
Santa Montefiore
Simon & Schuster
     The story starts with the funeral of Lord Frampton, the well-to-do patriarch of a large family.  His death left many very sad, particularly his wife, Lady Frampton, and his mother, Dowager Lady Frampton. It's a trying day as it is, but the arrival of "Phaedra" adds strain to family members. She claims to be the illegitimate daughter of Lord Frampton. It’s been proven by a DNA test that, indeed, she is.  Or did such a test exist? Had anyone seen this test?
     Adding to the mystery is the fact that Lord Frampton had changed his will, leaving some of his generous estate to Phaedra. Some family members warm to the beautiful thirty-one year old from Paris, while others don’t. Hints show up every now and again that may give them cause for their concern. To complicate matters, Lord Frampton's son, David, finds Phaedra far too attractive to be just a sister to him.
     The characters in The Woman from Paris are alive and real. As you read, you’ll get to know their every quirk and thought. The scenes are described in swift strokes, but great detail. Three Great Danes that mourn for their master add interest to the story.  My only complaint about The Woman from Paris is that it could have been shorter. Filling four hundred pages with the story causes a few scenes to drag on. But, it is beautifully written and even the long passages are easy to read. I give the novel four-and-one-half stars because it is genuinely good.

Marilyn Dalrymple


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